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HiTech Health is a US based software development company specializing in providing high end Healthcare custom technology solutions. HiTech Health combines Healthcare domain experience, technological expertise and a passion to deliver World-Class solutions. Our management team has been in the business of Healthcare IT Services, Solutions, Applications, Software development and allied services for the past several years.

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Remote Patient Management - RPM

Our technology enables monitoring of patients outside of conventional clinical settings, such as in the home or in a remote area, which may increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs. Incorporating RPM in chronic disease management may significantly improve an individual’s quality of life, by allowing patients to maintain independence, prevent complications, and to minimize personal costs.

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Revenue Cycle Management - RCM

HiTech Health RCM services ensure healthcare practices gain an optimal return on their investment. A full suite of revenue cycle software helps healthcare providers by streamlining healthcare RCM process. Revenue cycle healthcare needs constant monitoring to enhance reimbursement cycle and optimize patient-to-payment course.

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Team On Demand

An Effective Staffing Strategy Involves More Than Filling A Gap.

HiTechHealth Solutions pioneered transition projects, creating a refined solution for healthcare organizations facing staff shortages and other services linechallenges. HiTech offers a single point of contact to handle up to 100 percent of schedule and provider management and to eliminate the need to work with multiple sources.

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